This is for me?

This is a blog about turning your drawing into money. If you believe you can draw, and you want to sell what you draw, lots of it, without losing yourself, stick around, this is for you.

In 2015, two months after I told my manager I want to end my career as a marketer and web developer in San Francisco to a small remote island to start a new life, I wasn’t thinking straight about what I was getting into. But who cares, would anyone ever know what they are getting into tomorrow? or even the next second? So it began, a journey where I started from knowing no one in a strange place to making a living selling what I draw.

I wake up every day thinking about two things. One, what I am going to draw today. Two, how do I sell lots of it. The norm of being an artist is keep painting until you make it. We all heard the terrifying story of the starving artist whose work was sold for a lot of money, after his dies. There is an even more terrifying version of that – the starving artist whom no one knows, before and after he dies. It is the age of the Internet and personal marketing. An artist today can easily make a living and generate a stable and substantial amount of income with multiple income streams. With a little of knowledge upgrade and constant effort, you can do it too.

I write this blog to record the lessons I learn along the way, and tricks, tips, process, and frameworks that I found useful to myself on the journey to selling my drawing in scale.  What I have documented here is not the only way, but it is a way. Now, let’s get started.

If this is not for you, I am sorry I wasted your time, and I appreciate the attention. I hope you stick around, as you may find content on this blog useful to you.

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