Free Giveaway, Good Idea or Bad Idea?

It seems intuitive that free giveaways attract more people to your campaign. More people, more leads, more opportunity, and if you do it right, more sales. There is also a widespread belief that free giveaway is essential to marketing. I have seen it in almost every marketing blog and book I read. Does the free giveaway tactic work? It depends. When does it work? When does it not work? If you are an artist, how do you apply free giveaway effectively?

Does the free giveaway tactic work? and when does it not work?

Absolutely. Who doesn’t like freebies? But, you need to be careful about what you are giving away. Rabbits eat carrots, chickens don’t. If you try to catch chickens, don’t use carrots as bait. Agree on that? Use the wrong bait, and you will never catch what you want, and sometimes your giveaway can backfire on you if it attracts the people you don’t want.

Solution: Don’t start with what you will giveaway. Start with who you are trying to catch, and then figure out what they are attracted to.

How to apply free giveaway effectively?

Supposed to are clear on what type of people you want to attract, and you understand what they need. You create a free giveaway that can add value to your audience’s life, it is critical to figure out how to give it away. There is no right answer to this question, you need to experiment until you figure out the most effective way to deliver your free giveaway at the time that is convenient to your audience. If your giveaway is delivered digitally via social media or your website, you need to make it as easy as possible for your audience to obtain it while capturing the information you need about your audience. If your giveaway is tangible objects, you need to minimize the logistics involved while creating the most impact. It is free after all, you don’t want to spend too much time no it, but you need to make sure the experience of receiving it is good. You want to share your audience that the gift is valuable both to them and you. Nobody wants to feel like they are receiving something the giver has little regard to.

What does your giveaway say about you and your business?

If you are giving your products away, you are desperate. If you can give away a whole cake, just let the prospect see it and smell it, but don’t let them try it until they pay. Generosity can backfire on you, as some may take advantage of you, while others may think what you are selling has little value. You can afford to give it away after all. Artists, if you are welling your prints at a show, don’t create a raffle to give away one of them. Not only it tells your audience that you couldn’t care less to the point you will give away what they were supposed to pay you for, but it will also devaluate everything else you sell across the board.

How frequently should you give away?

You can give away every hour or even minutes, this is not the point. The point is how scarce your giveaway is. Can people get the gift somewhere else other than participating in your free giveaway campaign? How many will you give away and how many are they will be available? It doesn’t matter how often you give if you are giving away bean. But if the beans you are giving is a specific type of beans that only you and a handful of other people have, and they are valuable to a group of people who will pay a high price for, you will have eyeballs.

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